About Us

Avilion International GmbH was established in 2019 in Hamburg, its expertise in sale and distribution of Safety, Security Management and Suppling industrial equipment receiving support from young, knowledgeable and active teams who work toward their mission of providing high-quality products to the satisfaction of clients.
As a Trading company, our philosophy also incorporates flexibility and comprehensive customer support which aims to make a difference in our activities as we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the Universe. We do care for environment.
Hereby we will create a scalable and truly commercial business for us and our customers. we have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in every object we offer and supply.
“Think global, act local” a frequent dialog and close partnership with customers as well as technical experts is raising form the strategy that influences both of our activities and services offered.
Many opportunities await you at Avilion Int. GmbH.