Fire Alarm

Our mission is to protect our customers against fire risks, provide them with the
best service, ensure a long service life for their operating units and protect the
lives of all users.
With our products and services we achieve projects of varying complexity.

A fire alarm is a unit made of several devices, which uses visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage. … Automatic fire alarm systems are activated through fire detectors; such as smoke or heat sensors.

The fire alarm system today is now real high-tech powerhouses.
But by our standards, we know there’s still so much more we can do. With a constant eye on the future, we develop exceptionally intelligent, networked and resilient multi-sensor detectors without compromising on

Regardless of whether we’re dealing with a hotel or hospital chain, a multi-storey building, or a customer’s home, we understand the importance of seeing things from our customers’ point of view, understanding different sectors and various requirements, and developing the appropriate solutions to go with them. With Avilion Int., we place a firm focus on the professional and commercial sectors. Our team of engineers and specialists makes use of sophisticated technology to develop well-conceived, easy-to-use solutions for countering fire-related safety risks in the long term. By integrating special measuring processes and comparing various parameters, the
systems are able to respond quickly and reliably to different types of fire, whilst still being highly resistant to disturbances   and exceptionally durable.

From optical and thermal fire detectors right through to complex multi-sensor solutions, they
all have one thing in common: the end user is always at the forefront of our minds in every product and solution that we develop. We combine all of our professional experience in the fire detection technology sector and transfer it to smoke detectors for the private sphere.

We believe in earliest and accurate fire detection as the crucial core of every fire detection system. We want to make sure that you can rely on our belief and therefore, we adopt the most elaborate technologies when developing our detectors.