Integration System (PSIM)

Physical security information management (PSIM) is a category of software that provides a platform and applications created by middleware developers, designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface.

PSIM integration enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting. Ultimately, these solutions allow organizations to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence.

Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to an enterprise, agency or institution. This includes protection from fire, flood, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism and terrorism.

Physical security is the part of security concerned with physical measures designed to protect the assets and facilities of the organization. The three parts to physical security standards for various types of army equipment and the risk level is access control, surveillance, and security testing.

High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. Intelligent interfaces provide a separate driver for coupling with every third-party system.


  • Fire alarm systems
  • Assault and intrusion detection systems
  • VMS – Video management systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire extinguishing and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems
  • Escape door and sluice door controllers
  • Intercommunication systems
  • Media technology (audio, video, control)
  • Hazard alert systems, failure report systems, alarm systems
  • IT hardware via SNMP
  • Elevator control
  • Security drone
  • All kind of perimeter protection
  • Public sound systems
  • Analog and digital telephone systems (Voice over IP)
  • Building management systems
  • Personal emergency response systems
  • Radio installations